Will Sherwood

Director of Music Emeritus

Will Sherwood (he/him) was Director of Music and organist at First Unitarian Church from 1985 until his retirement from church music in 2022. He is Emeritus Principal Organist at Mechanics Hall and had been Artistic Director for their Worcester Organ Concert Series, and is Past Dean of Worcester AGO. He had appeared as guest artist with the Boston Pops, and gave concert tours in Europe and the U.S.

For thirty years, he was a Sr. Engineering Manager at Intel and Digital (DEC). Since corporate retirement, he is CTO & Owner of Sherwood Hosting, providing web/database design, web hosting, graphic design, and commercial photography. In his roles at First Unitarian Church, he brought innovative and creative musical energies to the Music Program, choir, and concerts. Will is a passionate vegetarian, runner, and gardener.

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