The Beauty of Music

We honor the sacred through our long tradition of fine choral and instrumental music. Music has always been a cornerstone of our worship services. We embrace a diversity of musical styles and cultures from Anglican Episcopal to Southern Gospel. Although our musical emphasis is typically western classical and spiritual/gospel, we enjoy exploring many other musical styles. Music is a universal language, and, with people around the world each week, we celebrate and express our faith through the singing of hymns, anthems, and solos, all accompanied by pipe organ, piano, harpsichord, and a variety of other fine instruments. 

Our choral music program combines the talents of volunteers from our congregation with a few professional vocalists so that we can have the critical mass to include larger and more difficult works in our repertoire. The challenging repertoire and opportunity to frequently perform with orchestra attracts both additional singers as well as music lovers in our congregation.

Join us each Sunday in our livestreaming YouTube broadcast: