First Unitarian welcomes families or all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and we hope you will find a home here with us. 

Sunday Mornings:

UU-ogora: The Quest for the six sources

During this time of social distancing, when we are not holding in-person worship, our Faith Development program will be online. 

Families can tune the into First Unitarian's Live Worship service on YouTube at 10:30. After the story for all ages, called the Magical Moment, at about 10:45, children and youth are invited to log-in to our Wiogora Google classrooms where they can choose a  30 minute class that appeals to them. It might be Transfiguration, Games, or perhaps Magical History - the classes will vary each week.

At 11:15 everyone is invited to our virtual Great Hall where we'll talk about our morning, maybe solve some puzzles to help us on our Quest, and sing some songs.

Faith Development Classes

Learn more here.

Christmas Pageant

Children standing in and around the pulpit at First Unitarian Church, dressed in costume for the Christmas pageant

In December we host our annual Christmas pageant when we tell the story of Jesus' birth complete with Angels, Shepherds, Wise People and the evil villain, Herod. This year we'll be doing this online so stay tuned for more information nearer the time.


All children and youth need to register for our Faith Development Classes so they can be given their own Wiogora email address. They will use this email to access our google classrooms.

Register HERE


Abby has created some Spirit Play Videos for families to watch:

Henry Hikes to Fitchburg Spirit Play Story

Winter King Summer Queen Spirit Play Story

Wanda's Roses Spirit Play Story

The Cracked Pot Spirit Play Story

Inside Out Spirit Play

The Easter Story

If not higher

Butterfly Friends

Paper Bag Princess

Heaven and Hell

Grandather's Prayers of the Earth

Masha and the Firebird

Joseph and his coat of many colors