Musical Instruments

Part of our mission at First Unitarian Church is to experience the sacred through music. Our fine musical instruments are part of our commitment to the beauty of music.

Our Æolian-skinner Organ

Organ pipes

For two centuries, we have been proud to have some of the finest pipe organs in the area.  Our current 1964 Æolian-Skinner organ was completely refurbished and rebuilt after a fire in 2000.  It has four manuals and almost 4000 pipes.  This glorious sound not only accompanies the choir and supports hymn singing, but also serves as a unique concert instrument in the city, featuring a style called American Classic which can support most periods of music from North German Baroque to French Romantic and contemporary. 

OUR Portativ Organ

Portativ Organ at front of church

A new Portativ Chamber Organ and 2-manual console (both are on wheels) were added in 2021 and 2022.  Both consoles can play both organs.

Twin Steinways

Two matching Steinway pianos with their tops open

We are blessed to have twin 1995 Steinway Model B 7' grand pianos which have recently undergone refurbishing, voicing, and action regulation.  Every year or so, we bring the two together to be featured in our services and concerts for two-piano repertoire (four and six pianists).

Other Instruments

Detail of floral artwork inside a red harpsichord   

In addition we have the Bob Bennett memorial 2-manual transposing harpsichord, four pedal timpani, and an assortment of other percussion instruments which enhance services and concerts often in the context of an orchestra. The floral soundboard artwork in the harpsichord is by Isabel Carleton.

In addition, we have a Kohler & Campbell Centennial grand piano in Unity Hall (our fellowship hall)