The Quest for the Six Sources

The Six Sources of Wonder and Wisdom

Wiogora and First Unitarian Church both have Six Sources of Wonder and Wisdom, and with the help of the Wiogora Castle and the magical Chest of Wonder and Wisdom we'll be exploring these six sources over the course of this year:
  • The Mystery and Wonder of the Universe
  • Heroes & Heroines from the past
  • Wisdom from the World's Great Religions
  • Jewish and Christian Teachings
  • Science & Reason
  • Earth Centered Traditions

online magic

Classes start on Oct 4th and run for ten weeks until Dec 6th from 10:30 - 11:30. Young scholars will be provided with a Google account that will allow them to access our shared classes.

At 10:30 join the first 15 minutes of the online worship service to watch our weekly Magical Moment - a story or skit exploring one of our Six Sources of Wonder and Wisdom, which starts at about 10:40.

After the Magical Moment, at about 10:45 Scholars will sign into their Google account and join a class. We'll offer at least two class choices each Sunday: Transfiguration, and either Incantations, Sooth Sips or On-Line Games.

At 11:15 everyone will come together in our virtual UU-Ogora Great Hall for fifteen minutes of wonderings, puzzle solving, singing, dancing and community.

From 11:30 to 12:30, scholars and youth grade 6 and up are invited to join a small group discussion class exploring themes in various popular culture books, films and TV series of their choosing. The first five Sundays will be exploring themes in Musicals.

UUnified learning

UUnified learning recognizes that parents are the main spiritual educators of their children and that learning is a life long process. We never stop learning, so our program aims to support all members of First Unitarian Church deepen their faith and knowledge of the world.