Faith Development Classes


UU-Ogora is a collaboration between our Wiogora STEAM Community and our Faith Development Program to bring the magic of Wiogora into our Sunday morning programming.

On Sundays, families spend the first fifteen minutes of worship together, finishing with a meaningful story called the Magical Moment. After the Magical Moment our young scholars, will log in to their Wiogoran Google classroom for a 30 minute class of their choice. At 11:15 everyone is invited to join us for our closing in our virtual Great Hall where we'll share stories, sing songs and perhaps solve some puzzles to help us on our Quest to find the Six Sources of Wonder and Wisdom.

Registration is required as Scholars need a Wiogora email address to access classes


OWL: Middle School (7th -9th grade)A cartoon of an orange owl

This program will be offered when it is safe to do so in person.