Faith Development Classes


UU-Ogora is a collaboration between our Wiogora STEAM Community and our Faith Development Program to bring the magic of Wiogora into our Sunday morning programming.

Classes will run for ten weeks from October 4th to Dec 6th from 10:30 - 11:30

On Sundays, families spend the first fifteen minutes of worship together, finishing with a meaningful story called the Magical Moment. After the Magical Moment our young scholars, will log in to their Wiogoran Google classroom for a 30 minute class of their choice. At 11:15 everyone is invited to join us for our closing in our virtual Great Hall where we'll share stories, sing songs and perhaps solve some puzzles to help us on our Quest to find the Six Sources of Wonder and Wisdom.

Registration is required as Scholars need a Wiogora email address to access classes


Sacred Texts in Popular Culture

Sacred Texts in Popular Culture is a class for youth grade 6 and up where we'll explore the deeper meanings and wisdom hidden in books, films, musicals and TV series.

Youth will meet online on Sundays from Oct 4th to Dec 6th from 11:30 -12:30.

Registration is required, please use the link above to register.

Grades 9-10: Seekers (coming of Age)

The phrase "Seekers (Grade 8 to Grade 9) Coming of Age Class" with a blue superhero

We are restarting this class as we put the program on hold in the spring. We'll be organizing some socially distanced events for our youth and finish up with an outdoor retreat.

Youth will share their credos with the congregation during a specially designed service on November 22nd.

In this specially designed class the youth work together with mentors to explore their own beliefs and Unitarian Universalist identity.

Our Coming of Age Program (COA) is a powerful, year-long program for youth to explore and discuss Unitarian Universalism and their beliefs as they transition from childhood toward adulthood. Each youth will work with their own mentor to develop their own credo, or personal belief statement, and share it with the congregation during a church service.

As a group the youth along with their teachers will :

  • Talk about issues that are important to them, such as What do I believe? Why? 
  • Explore, plan, and take action with people in the Worcester community to tackle a community challenge,
  • Develop a personal credo, expressing themselves by writing, or using video, pictures, their own creativity.

OWL: Middle School (7th -9th grade)A cartoon of an orange owl

This program will be offered when it is safe to do so in person.