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Easter Sunrise

by Sarah Stewart on April 11, 2020

Easter Sunrise service is one of our beloved traditions at First Unitarian Church. A small group gathers in the predawn darkness atop Bancroft Tower Hill. The stone tower rises starkly above us, a darker shadow in a world of shadows. We stomp our feet in the cold, still wearing hats and gloves even though it's spring. We share readings of hope, of springtime, of the sorrow when night is darkest, and the joy that comes with the morning reborn.

This year, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we cannot gather for Easter Sunrise. But the love we feel for one another, and the hope that the rebirth of life brings, grow again in our hearts. It is kind of magical to be up so early, and gathered outdoors, to pray and sing back the dawn. There is power in acknowledging the rebirth of the sun and remembering the resurrection of Jesus. That power is still with us, even when we cannot be together.

The poet Christian Wiman has said that Jesus' resurrection happened then because it has always been happening. It is still happening today. A few of us at First Unitarian Church put together this Easter Sunrise video to bring you a reminder of that rebirth. Many thanks to Jerry Bellows, Seth Popinchalk and Connor West for music and video footage; and a very special thanks to our Director of Music Will Sherwood for video footage, direction and production. We love you and we wish you all a happy Easter.

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