Our Treasure and Heart

Our ministries are supported through the generous giving of our members and friends. Giving supports our worship services, our music, our programs for children and youth, and the opportunities we provide for community action and service. If First Unitarian Church has found a place in your heart, will you help support all we do together?

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Churches in America face strong headwinds: the challenges of COVID and the deep divisions in our society make our mission harder. But they also make our mission more important than ever. At a time when people feel more lonely, more divided and more uncertain, our liberal religious community is here to offer connection, understanding and meaning.

First Unitarian Church is a strong, spirit-filled, community-oriented congregation. We have a lot going for us: Our church has fully reopened following the COVID-19 crisis and is engaging in new and ongoing ministries.

New and ongoing programs include:

  • Worship services in-person and live-streamed

  • Children’s choir 

  • Faith Development for all ages, from babies to adults, including a new Young Adult Group

  • Monthly “community sing” events

  • Supporting LGBTQ, housing and environmental justice in the Worcester area

  • Monthly family fun night for all ages

  • Our Caring Community providing pastoral and practical support in times of need

  • Supporting affordable housing  in Worcester through our endowment loan

We plan to continue to offer robust compensation and benefits for our excellent staff, and maintain a sustainable draw on the endowment.

Church leaders have set a pledge goal of $285,000. If everyone increased their pledge by 3%, we would reach our goal. But 3% isn’t the right number for everyone. You may be moved to do much more. You may not be able to increase your pledge this year. Each one of us does what we can, and together we sustain a vibrant church. Your giving helps us grow and reach all those people hungry for a welcoming liberal religious community.

Please sign up for a small meal to share your thoughts on membership at First Unitarian Church and make your pledge. You can also pledge using the form below. Together the members and friends of First Unitarian Church can emerge from the COVID pandemic and continue as a strong and vibrant church. Thank you for all you give to the church we create together.

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