Our Treasure and Our Heart

Our ministries are supported through the generous giving of our members and friends. Giving supports our worship services, our music, our programs for children and youth, and the opportunities we provide for community action and service. If First Unitarian Church has found a place in your heart, will you help support all we do together?

Sailing ship superimposed on a star fieldSailing the Seas of Stewardship

We have been given the gift of this church.  It is in our hands to care for it.  Our church leaders guide our congregation through the wise decisions they make.  They have kept us on course for countless generations.

In addition to funding our programming and institutional costs, here are goals for the 2020 campaign:

  • Ensure our beautiful music program is adequately funded
  • Give 100% of our monthly charitable offering to local worthy causes
  • Fairly compensate our valued staff with cost-of-living increases
  • Maintain financial stability by achieving a sustainable draw from our endowment

Imagine our future, what difference do we want to make?  Our stewardship empowers our mission.  Our church is a life gift to our children.  Our church is a place that helps us connect to a higher purpose that shines a light into our souls. Your presence, your voice is the life of our congregation. Joy dwells in gratitude.

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