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Our ministries are supported through the generous giving of our members and friends. Giving supports our worship services, our music, our programs for children and youth, and the opportunities we provide for community action and service. If First Unitarian Church has found a place in your heart, will you help support all we do together?

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Ongoing annual support from members and friends provides the majority of funding for our ministries. We have an ambitious goal of $330,000 for this year. To get there, we are asking our members and friends to consider generous increases in their giving. We know that some will be able to make an increase, some will not, and some will be able to do even more than what is asked. Together, each of us giving the amount that is right for us, we can achieve this goal. Thank you for all your gifts of time, money and spirit to our church.

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The 1785 Society

The 1785 Society is the legacy society of First Unitarian Church. It honors those members, past and present, who have made a bequest to First Unitarian Church in their will. The bequests of our late members are remembered with honor on a plaque in the church parlor.

Anyone can become a member of the 1785 Society; all it takes is adding the church to your will and letting the church office know. Bequests of all sizes support our ongoing mission and ensure the longevity and strength of liberal religion in Worcester. Members are listed (with permission) in an annual report to the congregation. To learn more, contact the church office at .


Model of the church for sale

A Cat's Meow replica of First Unitarian Church in full color and details of the historical church building, the blossoming cherry tree, and the pride flag.  This collectible wooden piece is made with precise craftsmanship and is available for purchase at $25 each.  The backside of the piece has a short history of the church building, beginning in 1785, and is signed by the designer. Get yours by calling the office at (508) 757-2708. Credit cards are accepted over the phone. You have the option of picking yours up at the church during office hours, or it can be shipped to any address.  Shipped items cost $30.00 (which includes the shipping and handling fees). Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted.