Our Treasure and Our Heart

Our ministries are supported through the generous giving of our members and friends. Giving supports our worship services, our music, our programs for children and youth, and the opportunities we provide for community action and service. If First Unitarian Church has found a place in your heart, will you help support all we do together?

Honeycomb with honey on a frameStrength in crisis

In these difficult times, our church has helped bring us together as a community. We have helped to feed our neighbors, checked in on each other, worshiped online, and found strength in our congregation. Together, we can help the First Unitarian Church to survive and thrive in this time of crisis.

Our goals for 2021 are to continue to:
  • Keep our church healthy financially. Given the realities of the pandemic, we expect a reduction in pledges from last year, perhaps as high as $40,000
  • Worship together, hearing quality music and participating in first-rate Sunday services, at first online and perhaps later in person
  • Learn via our quality religious education program, which nurtures our children, youth and adults, overcoming the challenges of social/physical distancing
  • Feed the needs of our grater Worcester community, with food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, fighting for justice for people of color (Black Lives Matter) and protecting our environment.

Stewardship means using our personal resources in responsible ways. It means using our personal resources with integrity, in line with our personal values. Church leaders have identified $20,000 in spending reductions to help us end 2020 with a balanced budget, or possibly even a surplus. At the same time, we have had to make investments in broadcast technology and services to support online ministry. Your generous giving, along with continued careful spending to support our mission, will help us thrive in 2021.

We know that some of us will not be able to make the same pledge as last year. We are asking those who can to consider an increase in your 2021 pledge.

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