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What's Going On Across our UU Faith Movement

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Summer Worship At First Unitarian Church July 5, 2015

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UUA General Assembly underway in Portland, OR Chalice Lighting "May we be reminded here of our highest...

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I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "2015 6-27 Sisterhood Wood Stackers"

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"They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law," wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in the majority opinion. "The...

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10 days ago

The Beautiful Closing Paragraph of Justice Kennedy’s Gay Marriage Ruling Justice Anthony Kennedy, who authored...

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Summer Worship At First Unitarian Church June 28, 2015

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I posted a new photo to Facebook

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Worship With Us This Week

Summer Worship in the Bancroft Room begins at 10:30 a.m.
Childcare is not available during the summer. 

Sunday, June 28,  2015
First Summer Worship Service 
"Seasons of Love: Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred lessons from Jonathan Larson"
Life lessons from the musical Rent and the life of composer Jonathan Larson. Mike Keating is the worship leader.

Sunday, July 5,  2015
"Giving Thanks for the American Promise"
Worship Leader: Lee Bona

Sunday, July 12,  2015
"Slow and Steady"
How would you describe your spiritual journey through life?  For Jesse Anderson, the process is slow but continuous. Please join him as he explores how our paths meander - sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always moving.

Sunday, July 19,  2015
"Your Voice in the Mission of First Unitarian"
What are the enduring, timeless values which guide us? What difference do we make as a church, and for whom do we make it? Using a process developed by Unity Church Unitarian in Minneapolis, we will engage in a structured conversation to uncover our values and arrive at mission statements for First Unitarian.  This will be a highly interactive service.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate. Steve Knox is the worship leader.

Sunday, July 26,  2015
"Bringing Creation Toward Perfection"
Worship Leader: Ken Mandile

Sunday, August 2,  2015
"The People of the Winding River Come to Worcester"
The real magic of Harry Potter's story and world abides in friendship, acceptance, tolerance, searching for truth with love, and learning together. Worship Leaders are the students and staff of Wiogora School of Wonder and Wisdom.  This service will be held in our Great Hall, otherwise known as the Sanctuary.

Sunday, August 9,  2015
"What's Your Handicap?"
Worship Leader: Jim Demetry

Sunday, August 16,  2015
"On Being Carefully Taught"
Who do I think I am?  What could possibly give a 67 year old, middle-class, WASP female the right to talk about racism? Ellen O'Neall-Waite is the worship leader.

Sunday, August 23,  2015
"Stoicism and Religion"
Stoicism, as practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans, was quite different than the everyday use of the term "stoic". This service focuses on the intersection of Religion and Stoicism: both are sources of direction, contention, and inspiration.

Sunday, August 30,  2015
"What UUism Means to Us (and You)"
Why do we do what we do at First U?  And how did we get here – literally and figuratively? Rev. Sarah Stewart and Jay Lavelle are the worship leaders.

Sunday, September 6,  2015
"The Compassionate Embrace - Love Without Bounds"
Worship Leader: Dave Blodgett

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