UUnified Learning

UUnified Learning

What is UUnified Learning?

Families spend the first fifteen minutes of worship together, finishing with a meaningful Time for All Ages (T4AA). After the T4AA the children and youth leave to explore the T4AA topic in their age based classrooms.

The church year is broken down into  units, focusing on a Principle, Source or Social Justice Issue, that tie into the Minister’s Worship Themes. Each unit culminates in a wrap-up family service where the theme explored over the previous  weeks is shared with the whole congregation.

What will we explore?

  • Stewards of the Earth
  • The Transcendentalists: UU Superheroes
  • Superheroes of the Bible: Moses a reluctant Superhero
  • Mahatma Gandhi:  A Most Unusual Superhero
  • Spiritual Practices: Superhero Self Care
  • Secret Agents of Kindness: A Social Justice Focused Unit
  • Teamwork: Strength in Numbers

OUR 7 Superheroes

Superheroes come in many different guises and this year we’ll have our very own, based on our 7 Principles:

SupermanWith his respectacles’ he sees the inherent worth of each and every person

Justice FighterWherever he finds inequality and injustice he’ll be there, with his ‘scales of justice’, fighting for justice, equity and compassion

The Heroic Hugger: Our warm-hearted and ‘big-handed’ hero accepts and welcomes all people just as they are.

TruthSeekerWith her ‘telescope of truth’ she works tirelessly to search for truth and meaning wherever it might be found.

TheListenerShe understands the importance of giving everyone a voice and listens carefully with her ‘hearing trumpet, to ensure that all voices, however small, are heard.

Peace Keeper: With his ’Peace Shield’ he works hard to build world community, with Peace, Liberty and Justice for all.

Web WomanWith her ‘web of wonder’ she helps us understand our place in the interconnected web of all existence.