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  A Unitarian Universalist Congregation Gathered in 1785


Whoever you are

Lover of Leaving

Ours is
no caravan
of despair

yet again,

(Rumi, Sufi Poet


Be Our Guest This Week!

First Unitarian Rainbow

The First Unitarian Church has been honored to host many guests each week for worship.

Some are curious about liberal religion and Unitarian Universalism. Can there really be a church that is open to the wisdom of all the world’s religions?

Some are looking for a religious education program for their children that will help them develop spiritually to become morally strong and open-minded.

Some are looking for a religious community and companions for life’s journey.
Some are sad or troubled and are helped by an hour of beautiful music in a beautiful setting, and an inspiring message of hope.
Aa Welcoming Congregation
Some come once and never come again. (We do not pressure or proselytize.)

Some come every once in a while.

Some come once and stay a lifetime.

We trust that you will find a religious path somewhere that brings you closer to what is true and real and sustaining. We are just happy to be able to offer you this opportunity to join us, as our covenant says, “in the love of truth, and the Spirit of Jesus, for the worship of God.”


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