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  A Unitarian Universalist Congregation Gathered in 1785


A Guide For First Time Visitors

Entering the Building:

For the first time, it is best to come in through the front door. After all, you are our honored guests! You may be greeted by one of the ministers on the front porch, and you will be certainly greeted by one of the ushers in the lobby of the church. You will receive an Order of Service at that time. Feel free to sit anywhere in the sanctuary. (The pews have doors and numbers, but these are relics of a by-gone era.) You can also choose to sit in the balcony, along the sides. The choir sits in the center.

While there can be a rush of people entering, please take a moment to fill out a blue name tag with “NEW” heading.  That way we will look to greet you after the service in the Bancroft Room during Coffee Hour.  Also, ask for a Visitor’s Packet which provides general information about our church.

Families with children will be escorted downstairs to the Sunday school and greeted by family greeters.

Restrooms are down the stairs on either side of the lobby. The men’s is on your right; the women’s to your left.

When to Come:

Between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m.

At 10:30 a.m. Worship begins. It will end somewhere around 11:30

After Worship you are invited to join us in the Bancroft & Dining Rooms (go through the doors on either side of the pulpit) for Fellowship Hour. This is a time to enjoy fellowship and refreshment following the service.

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