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Faith Development Ministries
Children and Youth

The First Unitarian Church of Worcester considers the religious education of children to be one of our highest priorities.

We do not indoctrinate our children, or teach them creeds, or tell them what to believe.

We encourage our children to explore the mystery and the wonder of life.

We offer a substantive exposure to the Judeo-Christian traditions of our own culture.

We introduce them to the rich diversity of world religions.

We want every child to know that he or she is, indeed, “a child of God,” worthy of love, attention and respect.

The First Unitarian Church of Worcester offers a full range of programs for all children, from newborns through High School. For information about the curricula  and this week’s activities in each class, see the Faith Development Ministries News.  For class calendars and to see who is teaching this week click here.

On three Sundays of each month, children attend the beginning of the regular 10:30 AM worship with their families. On the remaining Sunday, they meet for a Children’s Chapel.





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