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Children's Faith Development Ministries

Curricula Description 2017-18 by Grade Level

Pre-K-1st Grade Spirit Play - The Sources
Spirit Play is a Montessori-based program designed specifically for Unitarian Universalists.
This class focuses on the six Unitarian Universalist Sources:

  • Wonder and Awe: Stories of Mystery, God
  • Heroes and Heroines (Prophetic Women and Men)
  • World Religion Stories and Lessons
  • Judeo-Christian Stories
  • Stories based in Science and Humanism
  • Stories of our Interdependent Web/ Earth Centered Spiritualities

2nd-3rd Grade Spirit Play - Holidays and Holy Days
Spirit Play is a Montessori-based program designed specifically for Unitarian Universalists. Through exploring the various celebrations and traditions of the world religions, children are introduced to the variety of beliefs, symbols, rituals, and stories as well as our history and values. Each lesson is connected to an aspect of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

4th-5th Grade - Bibleodeon
This experiential program introduces young Unitarian Universalists to stories of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. Biblical ideas and references are common in today's literature, art, music, and politics-indeed, in most all parts of modern life. They are a large part of the Jewish and Christian teachings which contemporary Unitarian Universalism lists among the many sources informing it. The lessons include opportunities for creative expression through art, plays, and music. Children find them in engaging informative and fun!

6th-7th Grade - Building Bridges
Building Bridges (previously, Neighboring Faiths) is a world religions program to deepen youth's understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which we live. It broadens their knowledge of humanity and embolden their spiritual search through an exploration of other faith traditions. Periodic trips to neighboring places of worship is part of this curriculum.

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