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  A Unitarian Universalist Congregation Gathered in 1785



The Covenant of the First Unitarian Church
In the love of truth
And in the spirit of Jesus
We unite for the worship of God
And the service of all.

The Covenant is the agreement among the members that creates and defines the First Unitarian Church of Worcester. The Covenant was adopted by the congregation on December 18, 1898. At every worship service, we renew our covenant by repeating it together.

Mission Statement

In loving fellowship we strive to

Honor the sacred

We worship together in the sacred space of our sanctuary through the spoken word and music. We are committed to nurturing the spiritual lives of our children.


Connect with each other

We choose to live in community. We are called to be present to one another in suffering, to risk being uncomfortable, and to celebrate the holy in each other and in the world around us.


Serve justice

We are committed to standing on the side of love and justice for our fellow human beings and all the earth. We are committed to caring for the global environment and future generations.


(Adopted January 31, 2016)


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